Why you should re-evaluate your laundry detergent


Why you should re-evaluate your laundry detergent

Most people wash their clothes with heavily chemicals which they think is cleaning their clothes. Okay; that detergent might get your clothes clean, but what else is it doing?

It’s causing you and people around you to be less insulin resistant. Which can lead to diabetes. (Among other factors). Your store-brand/name-brand laundry detergent probably contain these chemicals. Another reason why it’s important to read labels!!! For the food you eat, AND the cleaning supplies you use, the fragrance you wear, the makeup you wear, AND the skincare products you use!!!

Most of the skincare /body wash products that you would be getting in the store contain these harsh  phthalates which can all cause your insulin to spike. Of course, not ALL people get affected by this, but I bet it’s more than you think. Ever get a headache at work? It could be your co-workers’ laundry detergent…or it could be their perfume.

English: Cleaning tools

English: Cleaning tools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, what do you do? We all have to wash our face, bodies, hair , use makeup (ladies), wash our clothes, home, cars etc. …Best advice is to stay away from harmful products on the market; unfortunately those are the ones you will find in the store at the cheapest price. Yup, you get what you pay for!

What are the Options? Well you could make your own laundry detergent with natural ingredients.

Don’t have the time, creativeness  or energy to make your own laundry detergent? That’s fine! There is hope! Thanks to SNAP cleaning supplies. SNAP stands for (Safe and Natural for Animals and People)

Snap Free & Clear Laundry Detergent is a highly concentrated detergent, perfect for all your washing needs. The hypoallergenic formula is dye free and fragrance free making it gentle enough for all types of clothes including delicates and baby clothes. One 40-ounce bottle of Snap Free & Clear Laundry Detergent will do more than twice as many loads as the leading 50-ounce bottle of HE laundry detergent when used in a HE washing machine. It could save you as much as half the cost per load as compared to the leading HE laundry detergent.

Not only will SNAP, save you money it will save your health. Snap™ Free & Clear Laundry Detergent


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